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About Lynn Jackson

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Industry Computer/Network Security

About me

Estblished IT Director with a strong background in business and auditing. Over 8 years of experience working with sensitive data. Experienced in developing ERP systems, providing IT security, and cutting down costs while maintaining high quality. Renowned for HireX – a record-breaking HR company through which over 28K people found work in 3 months’ time.



  • 2018 - Present

    IT Director

    2018 - Ongoing Chicago, IL HireX is a global talent acquisition platform used by thousands of business owners, HRs and companies worldwide to hire new employees. • Established a team of 5 people covering every key role in an early-stage startup • Developed program to assign high priority to errors older than three days, cutting time spent on error adjustments by 62% • Developed a company-wide ERP program that reduced support costs by 40% and manufacturing costs by 25% • Streamlined HR Services provided by our HR specialists by automating over 20 processes Budget Reduction of $4.5M annually After outsourcing non-crytical systems to IBM at Nader.


Leadership True ability to empower people and groups for success even in complex situations.



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